Stephanie Dyson

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There’s no need to inflate our loans

Students are indebted enough without unfair hikes in interest rates. Inflation has a lot to account for. My parents delight…

Tom Moore admits flouting YUSU code of ethical conduct

AU President Tom Moore has admitted to breaking union code by refusing to comply with UGM policy on ethical merchandise. Moore also admitted that dates he had previously given to Nouse for when he ordered the Roses merchandise were untrue

Leaving the sabbs out in the cold

We can’t allow the University to disenfranchise us by barring sabbatical officers from their boardroom

Has anyone else noticed the changes currently challenging our otherwise comfy university existence?

To buy or not to buy: the real fashion victims

A clean conscience and tight student budget are not easy bedfellows in the fashion world. Steph Dyson considers some alternatives to the dubious ethics of high-street shopping

Get myself arrested

How the South-west will be won

I’ve never actively campaigned for a good cause. I’ve never spent a week in a tunnel demonstrating against a bypass. I’ve never camped for six years outside of Parliament to protest against a mythical “war on terror”. And neither have I been arrested for my efforts

Exterminating stereotypes

Don’t tar all students with the same beer-soaked brush

“I don’t like students. You will be exter-min-ated!” Not a sentence you expect to hear on a night out in York, particularly when issued from a life-sized Dalek belching smoke and squirting water at a group of unsuspecting, drunk students nearby