Stella Newing

Arts Editor
Deputy Arts Editor (2017/18)

Stella has written 14 articles for Nouse

Night Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let Realism Bite

Stella Newing explores the importance of discussing recent social and political issues within children’s literature

The Golden Ticket for a Hit Show

The Arts Team dissect and explore some of the prevailing trends in some of the past decade’s biggest West End hits

Theatre Review: Rain Man

Stella Newing checks out the new stage adaptation of the American cinematic classic

How to have a lit summer

Stella Newing describes her experience volunteering at a literature festival

Up to speed on summer reads

Stella Newing provides a foolproof guide to holiday literature

Bring Back the Bard: Shaking Up Shakespeare

Stella Newing analyses the recent lapse in successful productions of Shakespeare’s greatest works

Theatre Review: Check, Please

The Drama Barn is back for Summer term with a standout comedy. We sent Stella Newing to check out how The Barn deals with the sunshine

“A sentence at a time”: The Steps to Authorship

Stella Newing talks to Fiona Mozley about life as a Man Booker shortlisted author

The lack of women in comedy is a tragedy

It has taken years to include women in mainstream stand-up, it is now time for women to take the lead in comedy

Watershed for Waterhouse

Stella Newing wonders if we’re approaching an age of art censorship

Our Year in Books

The time for making, and attempting to stick to, resolutions is upon us again. The gym, eating healthily, no alcohol-…

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should seminars be an assessed part of university degrees?

YES. – Ed Smith Seminars are the lifeblood of any arts or social science degree as it enables students to…