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Muse Editor (2011/12)

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Dear Sophie: Tea and Troubles

In her final installment, the Muse agony aunt tells you to throw your toys out of the pram, get high on Calpol, and beat the ‘Gold Rush’ in style

Tea and Troubles: Dear Sophie

Resident agony aunt Sophie Walker once tackles your troubles this week with some Efes-loving and stress-busting advice

Tea and Troubles: Dear Sophie

Threesomes, Farmville addictions and miscued marathons; Our agony Aunt Sophie Walker has all your problems covered

Dear Sophie: Tea and Troubles

From dirty housemates to misshapen boobs, Sophie provides weird and wonderful solutions to your day to day problems

Tea and Troubles: Dear Sophie

Library and relationship troubles abound in this week’s advice from our resident agony aunt. Includes consolatory quinoa from Waitrose

Could you give an acceptance speech?

Think about it. You don’t want to be the twat that had to pretend to be surprised…

Tea and troubles.

Need a solution? Send your
problems into

The Shoot: A Grave Affair

Launching the Le Set A/W ’13 Collection

Would you vote for yourself?

The American Election race has taught me two rather grown-up, self-reflecting things. Firstly, and contrary to what they told you…

The Review. The Blind Swine

The excellence of The Blind Swine transcends its unexpected location

Do you want to reinvent yourself?

New starts don’t come gift-wrapped. I wish they did, as it would make it a hell of a lot easier…

The Guinea Pig Club

For a play with such emotional potential and immediacy, the sum performance fell just flat