Sophie Crump

Food & Drink Editor (2015/16)

Sophie has written 12 articles for Nouse

The art of Pairings

Sophie Crump speaks to Kelly Latham, sommelier and owner of Pairings in York, about breaking down the barriers of the world of wine

Review: My Thai

My Thai brings a taste of Bangkok street fare to the York city centre

A Taste of Yorkshire with Green & Blacks

As part of their Taste and Colour tour, Sophie Crump speaks to the team at Green & Blacks about all things Yorkshire and chocolatey

Review: Delrio’s

Sophie Crump reviews the rustic and enchanting Italian cuisine at Delrio’s

Review: Olivia’s Artisan Bakery & Cafe

A fresh bread haven, Sophie Crump is enticed by Olivia’s charming bakery

Good Skosh!

Sophie Crump speaks to Neil Bentinck about his new restaurant venture Skosh which hopes to bring casual dining and quality local ingredients to York city centre

Recipe: Mince Pies

Sophie Crump shares a simple classic mince pie recipe for the festive season

York Hot Spots

With its cosy cafes and quirky bars, the city of York has a lot to offer. For those new to the city, Sophie Crump gives a run-down of the best restaurants for every occasion

Suitably attired

With the ball season imminently approaching, the shoot embraces formal wear elegance

Palm Oil: Ruining our Rainforest?

Sophie Crump addresses the role of palm oil in the food industry and its damaging environmental effects

Revision Provisions

Sophie Crump offers some healthy study grub for long nights in the library


The shoot goes bohemian, embracing Adorned’s unique and upcycled pieces