Sophie Ann James

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Noisettes guitarist Dan Smith

2009 has been a successful year for the indie-rockster trio Noisettes. Despite making music together for over 5 years, it…

Economic lessons: why lecturers striking over summer adds up

The outlook for higher education staff is looking bleak in the face of further cuts to government funding, which ministers wrongly hope will aid the failing economy

Derren Brown: Enigma

Enigma: ‘a mysterious or puzzling person or thing’

What we can learn from our European cousins

It is nomination time yet again for students, in the hope of filling the numerous vacant positions in YUSU and other student organisations

Joint honours left out in the cold.

For over a year now I have attempted to erase from my mind the seeds of doubt scattered by an unscrupulous fellow fresher, who, after establishing that I was a joint degree student, claimed outright that I was unlikely to obtain a first – “Oh yes, joint degree students hardly ever get firsts, because switching between disciplines means you don’t acquire the same depth of knowledge.”

Support YUSU’s campaign for a 24 hour Library

Many aspects of university can leave students feeling nocturnal – whether its midnight kitchen raids, crawling in from Gallery at 3am or the persistent noise of your housemate’s terrible drum and bass