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A Platform for the BNP?

The shocking truth is that in the Yorkshire and Humberside European Elections, the BNP’s share of the vote stands at a startling 8.04%. And, quite frankly, people seem deluded by their public image, when they remain, in the words of Michael Howard, “a bunch of thugs dressed up as a political party.”

Dangerous Doorsteps

University students have sent a shocking pulse of malice through campus recently. Exposing the sham that is security services to…

Lecturers: Hit ‘Em Hard

In the aftermath of an unprecedented propaganda campaign, lecturers and support staff are to join forces to react against the…

Dire Democracy

E-democracy as a principle is a superb one but wll it work in reality?

Breaking and entering

– Student break-in highlights campus wide security failures
– Search takes three months
– Con men active on campus

Third year students sidelined after Admin admit room crisis on campus

– Just 300 rooms for up to 2000 students
– Private sector buckles

Students incite crime, say police

Victims of the Holgate’s Hall attack and other recent incidents should be aware that they may be unconciously inciting crime,…

Students on the frontline of York crime

Crime is a natural and ever present force in city life, but theft, criminal damage and burglaries affect students more…