Simon Davies

Simon has written 29 articles for Nouse

A change of scene on campus

Founding father of the University, Sir Andrew Derbyshire, talks to Lauren Carter and Simon Davis about forty years of change and the ideals York has since forgotten

When Sir Andrew Derbyshire’s forty-year relationship with the University came to an end five years ago, he vowed he would never come back. He had been one of the leading architects for the University since it was first established, and had continued to work on the development of campus throughout his career

SU’s year of financial crisis leads to slashed budgets for student services

STUDENTS’ UNION bodies are to face massive budget cuts after the finance committee was forced to make up a gaping deficit just shy of £30,000 in last year’s budget proposal.

The Athletics Union has taken the biggest financial hit, with £7,000 being knocked off their annual allowance despite increasing the price of membership for students by 25 per cent

University professor warns city must take action or prepare for a catastrophic flood

A DIRE WARNING for the future of York was issued by a University Professor last week, who revealed that the city could suffer a catastrophic flood event within thirty years which would cover the town, suburbs and even submerge the University campus

Terror expert fails to spark a BNP witch-hunt at York University despite claims of extremism on campus

A TERROR REPORT published this month condemns York University for harbouring BNP extremists, but a Nouse investigation has revealed that the evidence these claims are based on is questionable

Architect condemns new college Designs

THE ARCHITECT WHO designed the Bleachfield houses in the sixties has condemned the University’s plans to demolish the site, branding them as “poor”, “dull” and “unimaginative”

SU voices doubts over Heslington East plans as they are called in for a public enquiry by the Government

AS HESLINGTON EAST is called in for public enquiry, the Student Union have added its support to the campaign spearheaded by Nouse, and have passed policy to “support Heslington East”, but only “in the interests of students.”

Toffs and URY merge for indie club night to present from dusk til dawn

FOR THE FIRST time ever a York nightclub will team up with the University radio station for a non-stop night out in York

City gets £70mn from students

STUDENTS POUR nearly £70mn into the economy of York, each spending a phenomenal £178 a week on rent and day-to-day living.
The figures were released by the alternative annual university league table, the RBS Student Living Index

Heslington East proposal fatally flawed but University press on

YORK UNIVERSITY has been accused of ‘losing the plot’ by a senior academic over its plans for Heslington East, which requires students to live on campus for the course of their degree, when its own report shows this is impractical

‘SU President is just a puppet of the University’

YORK STUDENTS feel they are not being represented by their SU President who has swallowed wholesale admin’s ideas about Campus Three. Alexander has belittled student campaigns against the campus development and has explicitly stated that he does not support them

Cantor’s credentials point to commerce over students

A MAJOR reason for Vice-Chancellor Brian Cantor’s appointment to the University was his experience as a commercial fix-it man, with a history of setting up successful businesses and science parks. This lead to his appointment in 2002 once Heslington East plans were underway

Societies denied space on campus whilst Pole Exercise reaps rewards

STUDENT SOCIETIES are up in arms over the University’s decision to remove their right to book out Vanbrugh Dining Hall. This leaves only Goodricke as an option by the middle of next term, which is constantly booked out by the profit-orientated Pole Exercise Society