Simon Aldridge

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CU Ban Jesus

Jesus Christ was controversially barred from CU events for life last week, after a series of mishaps marred His visit…

Freshers Told To Bring Sleeping Bag And Dog

University Admin are set to unveil an audacious attempt to solve next year’s accommodation headache by tapping into the recent…

Hold The Front Page

Campus computers now work as well as normal computers, thanks to an undercover operation by The University and a new…

University: Prospectus For Oil

The appointment of Mange ‘Dick’ Cheney as SU Welfare officer has raised many questions from York University’s vocal anti-war lobby

New Reality TV Show based on Youth Appeal

A new TV programme, commissioned by YSTV celebrated its launch with a cold plate of chips in Vanbrugh college yesterday.…

SARS Scares

SARS SARS SARS – All the latest newspaper-selling ‘news’ from the world of SARS

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