Shaun Richardson

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Fight for Power or Fight for Survival?

Anyone who has glanced at the news in the last three months will know that the Labour Party is currently…

The Farage factor

Since his rise to prominence in 2010, UKIP leader Nigel Farage has become a significant force in British politics and…

Murder, sex and divorce: Popes of the past

As Pope Francis takes his place as the new leader of global Catholicism, Shaun Richardson looks back at a small selection of these Popes and the events that marked their offices

Are the Tories destined for disaster?

Time has not been kind to the Tories. They entered office in 2010 with a spring in their step, bouncing…

Top 10 Political Blunders of 2012

Napoleon Bonaparte once said,”In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” Shaun Richardson looks at the biggest political blunders of 2012

Cameron, don’t bow down to peer pressure

The press regulation advocates may not be brutal dictators or share an extremist ideology but what they represent is the small seed, which, with enough political nurture, enough time and the optimum economic conditions, could germinate into a sturdy totalitarian tree, bearing the fruits of oppression and inequality