Seren Hughes

Travel Editor

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EDITORS COMMENT: It’s Mayday for the NHS

I write this from home, 2 weeks into a pretty serious virus which has kept me in bed the whole…

A turning point for Justin Trudeau in India?

Canada’s young and liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, spent last week in India on a visit with his family. Trudeau’s…

Refugees are not the criminals of nightmares

The women seeking asylum at Yarl’s Wood should be treated as human beings and not dangerous criminals

ONE DAY ONLY: Northern Youth’s Latest Event

On February 19th, The Northern Youth hosted their latest event, “ONE DAY ONLY”, a pop-up shop and after-party in Orillo Studios. The night was a success, and made over £700

Club campaigning opt-out introduced

A new amendment to campaigning rules in this year’s YUSU elections in clubs has been introduced. This policy means that…

Paris: five days in the City of Light

Despite its expensive reputation, Seren Hughes explores the best of France’s chic capital on a budget

York’s human rights mission

Seren Hughes speaks to human rights defenders taking part in a fellowship programme at York

Navigating Penang: The Island of Diversity

From beautifully preserved heritage to white sandy beaches, from wide stretches of rainforest to mouth-watering cuisine, Penang has it all.…

Shock at protests in Iran

  Protests have been taking place across Iran, with participants objecting to political repression and the poor state of the…

Rohingya refugee crisis: hypocrisy of democracy?

The reforms of Aung San Suu Kyi have been completely shattered by the humanitarian crisis

Oxbridge admissions “elitism” examined by MP

Educational inequalities of opportunity and outcome are back on the national agenda, following data on elite university admissions being released…

Fracking: environmental enemy number one?

Despite being labeled for massive protest, Seren Hughes argues that fracking is no worse than other fossil fuels