Seb Brixey-Williams

Seb has written 6 articles for Nouse

Review: The Madness of George III

The Drama Barn saves their best till last, what-what! Seb Brixey-Williams reviews

Wales: Three Men in A Boat

Off the coast of Anglesey, four men in a boat attempted to catch their dinner…

Vote no to the No Platform Policy, yes to free speech

This policy would send out the message that the Union is only willing to represent students whose views accord with its supposedly neutral views

Human Rights Watch Festival 2013: Camp 14

The Human Rights Watch Festival brings Camp 14: Total Control Zone, recalling the struggles of Shin Dong-hyuk in the North Korean prison camp he was born in

Human Rights Watch Festival 2013: My Afghanistan

Part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, My Afghanistan – Life in the Forbidden Zone uses civilian footage to sensitively expose the realities of Afghan life in Helmand Province

Our new logo: A word from the designer

The idea of using a kingfisher came from thinking about how Nouse works and how it wants to present itself