Sarah Wolfe Sarah Wolfe

Deputy Fashion Editor (2010/11)

Sarah has written 13 articles for Nouse

Kigali Crafts

The craft initiative giving hope back to Rwandan genocide survivors

An interview with Vintage Recast

Sarah Wolfe talks to founder of Vintage Recast Chantelle Clough about searching for a unique clutch and why there’s more to your degree than you may think

York Fashion Crawl

Planning to hit the town with force an empty wardrobe and a bank card? With a student budget probably not, but no matter: even if you’re just out for a browse, Sarah Wolfe gives you the low down on what York has to offer shops-wise

The Riots: Fashion goes from riches to rags

The riots have shown no mercy to both high street shops and high fashion stores alike. Although there is no question that the riots have affected a range of businesses across the retail spectrum it is evident that larger stores such as Debenhams will be able to recover in time whereas smaller independent stores may have to close their doors forever

Humble roots

Slipping back on my TOMS after the One Day Without Shoes event this Tuesday, pioneered by the footwear brand made me think how we take a such a basic and everyday item for granted

The set designer: Rhea Thierstein

Selfridges’ Bright Young Thing, Rhea Thierstein, talks to Sarah Wolfe about her profession

Fresh Fashion Faces

LFW hype centres around clothes, but models to parade them around need to be found somewhere. Sarah Wolfe talks to Milly Bee, fashion scout, about finding the right girls

Behind the Scenes

Jeff Spicer, winner of the ‘The UK Picture Editors’ Guild Award, ‘Celebrity Photographer of the Year 2010’, started out covering gigs in 1996. Once given the opportunity to do London Fashion Week he has covered the event ever since. We caught up with him to chat about the competitive environment of the press industry, and what are the best bits – from show shots, to capturing Vivienne Westwood eating soup

Designer Directory: Burberry

Quintessentially British, with a classic and traditional style, the high fashion luxury brand Burberry, founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, a former drapers assistant, has come a long way from its humble roots as an outwear store in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Leighton Meester named face of Missoni

Gossip Girl actress consolidates her position as style icon

Indie shop search App

Apple have recently launched a new App that acts as a solved treasure map for fashion followers, locating the destination of small boutiques and independent shops that would otherwise be overshadowed and hidden by large retail and departmental stores. Sarah Wolfe investigates

Designer directory: Alexander Wang

Five years ago the name Alexander Wang wouldn’t have had the power to catch the attention of any designer, fashion high-flyers or any other name to do with fashion, yet today, Wang is fully ingrained in the fibres of fashion’s rich world