Sarah Pryor

Deputy Science Editor (2014/15)

Sarah has written 13 articles for Nouse

Ebola crisis hits West Africa

The Ebola virus has hit the headlines in the last few months, sweeping through Africa with devastating consequences, infecting over…

An Elemental Step in the Case for Element 117

With the release of furthur evidence towards element 117’s existence, could we be seeing a new element added to the periodic table in the near future?

Why All The Hanging Around?

Scientists solve the mystery of how sloths have adapted to a life spent upside down

Scientists Go Nuts Over Trial

Oral immunotherapy provides new hope for food allergy sufferers

5 things you didn’t thank the Greeks for

A quick look at 5 things that the Greeks invented which get overlooked

A closer look at Pot Noodles

‘I never thought in my entire life I’d taste an edible Pot Noodle.’

Beer goggle phenomenon proved – cheers to that!

It’s that time of year again when the bizarre and bamboozling are celebrated for their brilliance

Bright horizons for autistic children

A look at autism and what may be the future of education for severely autistic children

A different angle for fighting the flu

Worldwide, there are up to 500,000 flu related deaths annually. In 1919, the Spanish flu pandemic killed more people than…

Richard III remains recovered

An evil man with a twisted back, his body was lost to history

Genetic testing predicts ginger hair

How would you like to know if there’s a chance your child will have ginger hair? This is the test that is being offered to couples by scientists in London at next months ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ heritage show

UK losing Graphene race

A ‘honeycomb’ sheet of carbon just one atom thick basking in a sea of de -localised electrons; graphene is a…