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Snow White and The Huntsman

Although the film is let down at times by awkward pacing and rushed, confused scripting, Theron’s performance and the cinematography make this a solid debut for newcomer Rupert Sanders

After Miss Julie

After Miss Julie provides a tense, dialogue-driven and enjoyable hour-and-a-half at the Barn this weekend, presenting us with some concentrated, skilled performances

Apocalypse Now?

Is the apocalypse painter John Martin making a comeback via Tate Britain’s new Exhibition? Sarah Jilani investigates

Arts at York

Nouse has compiled a taster of some societies to watch out for – find them and many more at Freshers’ Fair and sign up for your year-long Arts fix

The Movements: Pop Art

Irony, parody and mass culture decorate the altar of this style, while modernism, ‘elitist’ art and any subculture that takes itself too seriously lies ripped to shreds by its discerning and satirical tone

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

It is the end of Harry Potter. This film makes it go out with a bang, a smile, a tear. Yates has seen us through the end admirably well, even though he hasn’t always tapped into the rich story in his hands with bold depth

A Friendship Facialised

Photographer John Minihan talks to Sarah Jilani about his latest exhibition, his friendship with Samuel Beckett, and the stories that live behind the image

Editor’s Picks

Oscar Wilde’s 1895 comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest in Week 9 finishes off a diverse and successful summer term at the Barn…

Treasure Island

PantSoc’s 2011 summer pantomime has a big, energetic cast and genuinely entertaining moments, which make you really want to discount the rather freewheeling storyline and the one-too-many deliberately groan inducing puns

Much Ado About Nothing

A production that has you in its frivolous, funny and intelligent grasp from beginning to end, Much Ado About Nothing is undoubtedly one of the highlights of The Globe’s 2011 season

Economy vs. First Class

Breaking the bank: Burma, China, New York, Jordan. Roues less travelled: Couchsurfing, Tour Britain by the roads

Sensory Steps

Choreographer at the Royal Ballet, Alastair Marriott, talks to Sarah Jilani about music, movement, and the creative process behind his work Sensorium