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Sara Sayeed – Procrastinating for England

A brief saunter through Vanbrugh circa lunchtime would suggest that here, at the ever-scintillating hub of excitement that is York University, we are a diverse lot

Why chivalry has met a watery end

Heathcliff would probably be more likely to smack a door in Cathy’s face than open one for her to delicately step through

Sara Sayeed – Goes way back

Now, while the resident goes way back columnist uses historiocity as a convenient excuse to indulge his micro-film fetish, I don’t really equate the library with play-time

Do as mummy says – not as she does

There are some new kids on the block – and as neighbourhood protocol demands, new arrivals are welcomed with food;…

An orgasm of one’s own: women who spank back

For the generation of women reared on Carrie Bradshaw’s writings, the concept of female empowerment now stretches from the boardroom into the bedroom. Sara Sayeed talks to three women who have chosen to pursue careers in alternative sex industries: those of lingerie, therapy and the aptly named ‘cliterature’

Jack Penate


Venue: The Cockpit, Leeds
Date: 14/06/07

Singles Reviews

This edition we review singles from Amy Macdonald, Air, Siobhan Donaghy and Jakobinarina

The art of Facebooking

One year since the pinnacle of social networking landed on York’s campus, Sara Sayeed considers the ways in which Facebook has revolutionalised student culture

Who bagged the Booker: Banville, Black or Bart?

The 2005 Man Booker Prize winner John Banville talks to Sara Sayeed about why his books are an embarrassment, his…

Singles Reviews

This edition we review singles by Six Nation State, Bondo Do Role, Gisli, Deftones and Archie Bronson Outfit

Valentine’s Day: what’s love got to do with it?

The chubby cherub’s cross-bow hasn’t made Sara Sayeed feel warm and fuzzy this February 14th. She asks whether people really have to say it with flowers and cards

Singles Reviews

Band: union of knives
Single: evil has never

Does the world need more indie bands trying to make dance music? “Genres are so irrelevant!” I hear you scream from your oh-so-cool discotheque. Well then, here’s some more indie with synths and a house beat