Samuel Russell

Business Editor (2014/15)

Samuel has written 8 articles for Nouse

International students and the UK economy

On Christmas 2014, Theresa May revealed potential requirements for non-EU students to have to reapply for a visa after their the completion of their degree. Katy Sandalls and Samuel Russell debate the merits of May’s proposed policy

The Capitalist Games: Can Money and Sporting events mix?

Samuel Russell takes a look into the shady business of deciding sporting venues

Greek gift or blessing in disguise?

Does the return of Greece to the bond markets finally herald its recovery? Samuel Russell investigates

The controversy over austerity

Samuel Russell looks at the controversy over austerity, and why four years on, the debate continues

More help to buy houses needed?

How first steps onto the housing ladder are now more giant leaps

It’s not just Russia, the West will be affected by the sanctions too

The political fallout from the Crimean Crisis has been widely broadcast; however the economic impacts have been far less widely…

The economics of drug legalisation

Samuel Russell asks can the market be trusted with something so controversial?

The EU’s hidden €120bn cost

Samuel Russell investigates the cost of corruption: the hidden €120bn the EU pays each year