Sam Westrop

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Criminal Tomatoes

Russia is clambering up the global victory stand, knocking other countries out of the way in an effort to reach her place at the top. It is a climb that the country responsible for the death of millions and the misery of billions will refuse to lose. In the last 18 years, the designs for a ‘liberal democracy’ have not been a success for Russia; it has been a weary aspiration, full of ideals that Russia’s powerful persons frequently misplace in order to better themselves and their future

An insight into UKIP

As Bournemouth wept with rain and seasonal despair, the UKIP conference basked under the glowing warmth of optimism. The members emerged into the streets afterwards, happy and content, and eager to announce that the conference was ‘the best yet’ – a message echoed by the political foot-soldiers and leaders alike

The Impotent Media and the Bradley Factor

On the ultimate day of campaigning, the mainstream media has already decided the outcome of the US elections