Sam Southgate

Sam Southgate has written 12 articles for Nouse

Venting Paternal Passions

After a year of protest, Fathers 4 justice hit the headlines via a flour-filled condom aimed at Tony Blair. Sam Southgate speaks to a founder member about the change they want and how they plan to get it

For Haitians a familiar story as violence rules

Aristide’s departure is another sad episode in Haiti’s bloody history, argues Sam Southgate

First Steps to Freedom

As acts of domestic violence play out daily on our TV screens, Sam Southgate investigates what support is available in reality for victims in York

Selby’s Unlikely Rebel

Sam Southgate speaks to campus MP John Grogan, a leading rebel in the vote against top-up fees

Peace or Apartheid?

Israel’s barrier doesn’t represent partition. In fact, it’s designed to prevent any form of Palestinian self-determination arising, argues Sam Southgate

Sitting on a timebomb

Jacob Mukherjee and Sam Southgate investigate how the BNP are targeting York and examine what can be done

When all else fails, escalate

Israel’s bombing raid deep in Syrian territory shows Sharon’s military answers have failed

Cereal, Yogurt and Juice

Theres nothing particularly special about frosties and a yogurt, or so you would think, but if, like normal students you…

Dispossession, Fibber’s

Recently, Fibbers played host to one of the more original gigs that York has seen in years; a fundraiser hosting…

Three Families Under Siege

Palestine is not exactly the most popular tourist destination, but Sam Southgate’s visit proved there is much to see in this war torn land

Normalising Torture

The media focuses on cases of mistreatment by US-UK forces in Iraq, yet systematic human rights violations are ignored, argues Sam Southgate

After the Invasion Comes the Occupation, and Iraqi Anger Grows

After the war on Iraq, the government claimed the anti-war movement had got it wrong all along. In fact, argues Sam Southgate, their arguments have proved painfully accurate