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The untimely demise of the single?

Not that it is a surprise to you, though it may be to some, but the most played single of all time on British radio is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen

To be single, or not to be: that is the question

Sam Noble and Sarah Foster discuss long-distance relationships and York’s dating scene

In the buff: bareback riders

Sam Noble strips down to his Speedos and joins York’s nudist cyclists in a protest against oil dependency. Would you…

Take two: the Sophomore Album

Every time an artist releases a successful debut album or rests loftily on a respected back catalogue, the pressure is inevitably on to make a better and bolder musical statement than their initial efforts: the sophomore album

Leeds or Glasto, V or T?

Glastonbury might be the festival of the summer, but it certainly isn’t the only one. Some cheaper events have equally competitive line-ups, as Sam Noble discovers

Sam Noble: Rock n’ Roll Suicide

Pop music should come with a health warning: in extreme cases, leads to complete bald-headed, cocaine guzzling and pill-popping insanity. Britney Spears for example. There’s nothing new about this Valhalla-style decadence in which each generation’s pop royalty indulges with increasing ingenuity and innovation

Arcade Fire


Album: Neon Bible
Out: 05/05/07

Don’t let the man get you down

The music industry would have the music-buying public believe that ‘illegal’ downloads are killing their industry. Yes, you there, poor student: by downloading MP3s, you’re bringing the fifty-year-old thriving British industry to its knees with a gun to its overgrown head by the mere stroke of an enter key. So while you hesitate over whether to download, stuck in a moral quandary over actively supporting gangsters and pirates, perhaps we should entertain a crazy idea and acknowledge the truth

On the up: The Maccabees

“Someone said we sounded like a cross between Cliff Richard and Joy Division”, The Maccabees singer Orlando Weeks muses, trying to define their sound. “Cliff Richard used to look really beautiful. Like a man-boy,” he wistfully laments.

Not that the decade-spanning, rubber-faced knight’s influence can be heard in the band’s quintessentially English, spiky-guitar sound – they sound more like a cross between the Futureheads and a happier Interpol

Hit the Road Jack

“They don’t call it the toilet circuit for no reason,” said a friend to me recently, having just come off a nation-wide tour promoting their debut album by visiting the arse-end of every ‘cosmopolitan’ metropolis our nation offers. As he chain-smoked all afternoon, I remarked that he looked as if he’d fought in both world wars and hadn’t slept during the interval

Kicking the meat habit

Many people see those who choose not to eat meat as over-idealistic hippies. Dan Whitehead and Sam Noble explore their different reasons for shunning the red stuff