Sam Lees

Deputy Comment Editor (2015/16)

Sam has written 30 articles for Nouse

Gaming and Islamophobia

At the moment, the anti-Muslim, anti-refugee sentiment across Europe is at an all-time high

The death of Aleppo

Sam Lees runs down the horrors of the siege and likely fall of the city of Aleppo in Syria, attacked by its own government

In Turkey, you and I would be “traitors”

Academics and journalists are being silenced. Turkey’s totalitarian media laws show how precious our own freedom of speech is

Game Review: Total War Attila – Age of Charlemagne

Sam Lees tries out world domination in the newest DLC for Total War: Attila

Peace in Yemen slips as fighting breaks out again

With at least 68 dead in fresh fighting, the Yemeni conflict’s ceasefire looks almost imaginary

Erdogan- the crackdown begins again

Being a reporter of any kind has been something of a dangerous career in Turkey since the coming to power of President Erdogan in 2003…

Minsk II – East Ukraine ceasefire on the brink of collapse?

The fragile ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine risks devolving back into full-scale warfare

Putin’s actions aren’t a suprise

Last Wednesday, large swathes of the public appeared to be caught off guard when Russia began an air campaign in…

America’s deadly denial

Targeted bombing, precision bombing, surgical strikes. They all sound like the lancing of a boil, the removal of a very…

Shkreli’s pharmaceutical scandal

  Quite clearly, amongst the first considerations of Martin Shkreli upon his purchase of the rights to Dalaprim, a drug…

The problem of intervention

Intervention is something of a loaded term in British politics.  We have been involved in a number of them in…

The photos we didn’t see

Aylan Kurdi. Somehow, against all the odds, a three year old refugee from Kobane in Syria made the headlines of…