Sam Lawson Sam Lawson

Features Editor (2010/11)

Sam has written 42 articles for Nouse

It’s just not cricket

Four years on from the creation of biggest Twenty20 cricket league in the world, Sam Lawson looks at the pros and cons of the IPL and whether expectations of its success has marred its development

Graduate cuts are damaging

Shrouded by a veil of uncertainty, jubilation and often confusion, the British public have quite enough to worry about these days. However, through the perpetual haze, a very vital piece of information looks to be tiptoeing by quite unnoticed

Sitting at Italy’s dinner table

Pizza and pasta seem to adorn the menus of restaurant chains everywhere. Sam Lawson speaks to acclaimed chef Paul Bartolotta about how Italian food should really be cooked, and how he came to cook it

The Nouse Student Survey 2010

Liv Evans and Sam Lawson present the results of the Nouse Student Survey 2010, a comprehensive review of student opinion and experience at the University of York

LGBT email mix-up ‘outs’ its members

YUSU’s LGBT Social has been strongly criticised after accidentally ‘outing’ 100s of University of York students

Council review YUM chair

Union council has voted to reassess the role of York University Media (YUM) Chair in Union Council in the next constitutional review. If this passes, YUM Chair will be removed from its seat on Council

Students ‘detached from YUSU campaigns’ as portering row between leaders continues

Concerns have been raised over what has been perceived as a split in the campaign to restore 24 hour portering on campus

Hockey Club fined following initiation video

The University of York Hockey Club (UYHC) has been fined £200 by the York Sport Committee, following a complaint regarding an initiation video filmed last weekend

How the other half play

Sam Lawson investigates the sports that take place in some of Britain’s most exclusive institutions

Coppers on Campus

Sam Lawson talks to Jon-Mark Buchanan, Police Community Officer (PCO) for the University of York and Heslington, about campus’ safety and what he is doing to improve it

Conservatives win York Outer

The constituency of York Outer, in which the University of York lies, has today been won by the Conservative Party candidate, Julian Sturdy

Tru sold by Luminar group

Tru nightclub has been closed by Luminar group and will be closed on Tuesdays “for the foreseeable future”