Sam Hickford

Deputy Sub-Editor (2014/15)

Sam has written 24 articles for Nouse

Real left-wingers should vote to leave the EU

The EU is undemocratic and against many of the values we hold dear. Lefties should think seriously about their vote

The Quiet Place

Muse’s resident poet, Sam Hickford, sings his Swan Song


You were a hoax to me. I stretched the stars for you To raise forth your name, and from a…

Feeling the Blue

Sam Hickford gives a poetic twist on the upcoming elections

Library by Night – An Evocation

Resident poet Sam Hickford paints vignettes of the library by night with a nod to Paul Verlaine

How to avoid Nisa and other gems of wisdom

A plastic bag with “Nisa” emblazoned on it, languishing prophetically in the wind, has become a recurring motif of my…

Money-saving tips!

I read an excellent article in The Yorker recently, about how to save money as a student. Having implemented several…

The Wanderer

A poem by Sam Hickford

The Tender Things

A poem by Sam Hickford

Derwent Porter

A poem by Sam Hickford

Heslington East

A poem by Sam Hickford

A world without Facebook? Sam Hickford likes this

I am anti-Facebook, and I have lots of reasons for this. Facebook is so ubiquitous that it has begun to…