Sam Fugill

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Why students will pay a high price for the Gap Year with a conscience

Sam Fugill discovers that travelling and trying to save the planet could cost the earth

It’s a case of one for all but two for some

Would York University students exploit Labour’s new loophole? asks Sam Fugill

The play that God wrote?

I have never been particularly disposed towards the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber, given that one of his musicals is about singing cats, and another one concerns railway engines on roller skates. You will understand, then, why the prospect of a musical based on the last days of Christ filled me with a sense of trepidation and dread. Such trepidation, I was to discover, would prove to be unfounded

Comedy is a two-faced coin

Eager to keep the long nights bright, Sam Fugill’s been on a Talent-Hunt Down

Why the University just doesn’t care about us

The University could have let us know about the mumps outbreak. It would not have been too much to ask…

Old Blighty’s washed-out beach resorts revisited

No money to live it up in Ibiza this year and little time to go travelling the world in the typical student style? Don’t worry, the humble British beach is making a comeback, and there’s more on offer for the student now than there ever was

Dr. Michael Lembeck. Star. Nia Vardalos, David Duchovny, Connie and Carla

When a films’ hit-line is “when you follow your dream, there's no telling what you'll become”, you have every reason…

Check-point Vanbrugh: Student anger over Israel’s wall of injustice

The Palestinian presence became all the more noticeable on campus in week 9, when a mock Israeli checkpoint was set…

All but the kitchen sink!

Banging bin lids?, asked Sam Fugill when he caught up with the cast of ‘Stomp’

Columbian blends

When Columbian musicians came to campus, Sam Fugill had grabbed his sombrero and ran out of the door to meet them quicker than you could say ‘Olé!’

Being Watched

Sam Fugill joined the queue for the auditions to see if he has what it takes to impress the execs

York in lesbian fast lane

When Sam Fugill found out that York was culturally light years ahead of him, he decided to go where no man had gone before: Lesbian arts