Sam Flint

Gaming Editor (2016/17)

Sam has written 14 articles for Nouse

PewDiePie Scandal: Are Gamers Racist?

Sam Flint Looks At The Recent Youtube Scandal And Debate Around Social Justice In Video Games

E3 2017: The Good, The Bad And The Worrying

Sam Flint talks the ups and downs of this years E3

We Need To Talk About Steam

Nouse gaming asks: is it time we started calling Valve out over its excessive monopoly and damaging practices?

Fighting Season: From WW2 To Vietnam

Sam Flint looks at the new war games that will keep your history and 60’s music sides busy this summer

No Excuses: Q&A With Team Pesky

Sam Flint chats to Team Pesky’s Andy Gibson about inspirations, VR and advice to aspiring developers

Some talk, some bombs: 100 days of Trump

With 100 days of his presidency gone, Donald Trump has learned to stop worrying and love the Washington swamp

Crisis for ISIS as Iraqi military seize Mosul

IT SEEMS A LIFETIME ago that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the so-called Caliph of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,…

Astroneer: A space survival-oddity

Sam Flint explores the procedurally generated solar systems of a new breed of survival game

Gaming Memories: Your Stories

We Delve Into The Weird And Wonderful Moments Of your favourite Gaming Memories

DAYZ Diaries: Is There Anyone Out There?

Sam Flint delves into the gritty survival sandbox and asks whether it still has a future

Nouse Game of The Year Awards 2016

Last year was marked by some spectacular successes in the gaming industry. From start to finish we saw an impressive…

Vote For Nouse’s Game Of The Year Award 2016

As the year draws to a close and the final big titles of 2016 crawl across the finish line to…