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Thatcher: The Last Politician

Margaret Thatcher was not to blame for the current mess our country (world?) is in. She was not a bad apple, but part of an orchard of ideology which justifies inequality on national and international scales

Shunning extremism only allows it to thrive

The recent incident In Oslo has highlighted the need for us to confront extremism head on rather than pushing it underground, otherwise we run the risk of the far-right gathering more dangerous momentum- with serious consequences

Trans patients need equality

Gender is a concept created by society. We are born as one of two sexes; but from thereon in gender is a choice: for example, if you are born “female” and identify yourself as a “woman” this identity is a performative choice not a predetermined characteristic

Royal wedding wrongly stole focus

The UK is one of the most unequal societies in the industrialised world with four million children living in conditions of relative poverty, did you know that?

(Un)Fair Trade: Ethical Shopping Won’t Save The World

With the next couple of week labelled as “fair trade fortnight”, is the label nothing more than a way to ease the consumerist guilt of the western world?

American imperialism is the repetitive result of revolution

There is something more ominous in the American silence – the threat of a forthcoming imperialism

My Big Fat Gypsy Spectacle

The series has been popular; however, is it in fact a gross spectacle that manipulates a disadvantaged part of society for entertainment purposes?