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Deputy Editor (2011/12)

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The Lonely Smoker: Nostalgia (and bird droppings)

‘Although you might feel like the most miserable sod in the world for much of the time, university is – honestly – one hell of a lucky experience.’

The Lonely Smoker: The holiday fag-bag

The LS has booked her holidays. Now she just needs to plan how to get her beloved cigarettes past customs in the sneakiest manor possible

The Lonely Smoker: The Madness of Middleton

Bar a minor sporting contest and some hipster music event, little has troubled the life of the LS, which has led her to ponder Miss Middleton and her rise to Daily Telegraph fame…

The Lonely Smoker: Divorced, embittered, and academically damaged

A brutal break-up has a left a glaring hole in the LS’s life, but not with the kind of other half you might expect…

The Lonely Smoker

Thrusting YUSU cardboard brings stress into our lonely smoker’s life, but fear not, the calming tunes of one Taylor Swift are here to help. Just don’t tell the hipsters…

Review: Fusion La Mer: Turn of the Tides

An injection of humour and fun gave a new edge to this year’s Fusion, but the show lacked the flow and slickness of previous years

The Lonely Smoker

The lonely smoker turns her discerning eye to the bizzarities of Valentines dating rituals

The Lonely Smoker

All this New Year reinvention is troubling for the nerves…

The Lonely Smoker

Being a smoker is pretty great. Aside from the whole health-related ‘issues’ entailed with polluting your lungs with nicotine, it…

Breaking through the glass ceiling

Why, why, are only 15 per cent of directors at top British companies women?

The Lonely Smoker

The university midlife crisis: are you a victim too?

The Lonely Smoker

The biblical arrival of York’s population of freshers has arrived. Stand ye ready, all with sanity