Rosanna O'Donnell

Rosanna has written 10 articles for Nouse

Creating a scene

Set designer Bruce Hill talks to Rosanna O’Donnell about his new book and the challenges of a career in the film industry

Review: Brassed Off

“An uplifting celebration of community pride.” Rosanna O’Donnel reviews

“You’ve just got to not be a dick”

Rosanna O’Donnell interviews comedian Nick Helm about dealing with “all sorts of fucking people” and making them laugh

Review: Cafe Concerto

Rosanna O’Donnell finds it difficult to tear herself away from the enticing delights of Cafe Concerto


The hidden gem of York is revealed; an unprepossessing Polish restaurant recommended by locals

Review: The Same Deep Water As Me

The Same Deep Water As Me is another play to be proud of for York University alumnus Nick Payne. Rosanna O’Donnell reviews

Review: Georgina’s Cafe

A gluten-free haven of indulgent cake and caffeine-fueled delights

Meatless Mondays: Peanut Pasta

A quick and easy peanut butter indulgence. It even counts as a proper meal…

Review: Molly’s Tearoom

Escape the exam season and take a trip to an idyllic tea shop hidden away in the centre of York

Fourth Monkey Theatre Company – Project Colony

Rosanna O’Donnell reviews the Fourth Monkey Theatre Company’s mesmerising interpretation of Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony’