Rory Kelly

Design Director (2016/17)
Comment Editor (2016/17)
Deputy Comment Editor (2015/16)
Deputy Arts Editor (2015/16)

Rory has written 18 articles for Nouse

Rory Kelly: Splitting Hairs

Class on campus: the joys of student politics

Rory Kelly: Splitting Hairs

The best horror show on TV: The alt-right media

Democracy: the antidote to the new separatism

Belief in the nation is a desire for representation

EDITOR’S OPINION: Unionists and disunity

Rory Kelly laments on the Conservatives’ deal with the DUP

Cast a Spell on You

Podcasts may be out of sight but they’re not out of mind – Lara Medlam considers their inconspicuous rise

EDITOR’S OPINION: Brexit, at home and away

Is the international community being narrow-minded in scoffing at Brexit?

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Is violence against fascists a serious issue?

YES – Chloe Kent Meet Richard Spencer: figurehead of the alt-right movement, with a haircut snatched straight from the Peaky…

EDITOR’S OPINION: Post-truth and Putin

Trump may be bad, but Putin is the real dictator, states Rory Kelly

The Supreme and High Courts upheld the core of our democracy, and we would do well to remember it

From a legal standpoint, the Supreme Court upheld a fundamental principle of British democracy, one that David Cameron ignored, argues Rory Kelly

CLASH OF COMMENT: Should we support the right of workers to strike?

Yes – Rory Kelly Arguments against striking tend to be made one-size -fits-all. Strikers are primarily denigrated because of the…

Why Iraq Matters

As an Arab democracy, Iraq is crucial to defeating ISIS

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should Jeremy Corbyn still be leader of the Labour party?

YES – Jacob Miller The question ‘Should Corbyn be leader’ should not have to be asked. I say this because…