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Robin Seaton

The happy git sings into his pint

Robin Seaton

Thinking about a recent Jonathan Ross interview with Ringo Starr the other week, I found myself using the half-comprehending undergraduate poststructuralist’s word of choice: ‘discourse’

Robin Seaton

The first few weeks of any new year are apparently a time for doing things that will prolong the first flush of youth; joining the gym, giving up drinking and other such stupid pursuits

Bestival – Isle of White – 07/09/07-09/09/07

Bestival has successfully carved out a special niche for itself over the past few years; halfway between a village fete and a children’s birthday party

Chairman of Drax power station to receive honorary degree from University

The chairman of the company which owns the UK’s second largest producer of carbon dioxide is to be amongst those who will receive an honorary degree at this year’s BA graduation ceremonies

Regina Spektor


Venue: Sheffield Leadmill
Date: 20/02/07

Jarvis Cocker, The Plug, Sheffield, 15+16/02/07


Jarvis returns! Again! This time, not only has he lost the glow-in-the-dark skeleton suit of Relaxed Muscle but his surname has also been discarded. Fortunately, his ability to craft anthemic choruses and create vignettes in a few couplets remains intact, as owners of the new album Jarvis will already be well aware

Which Cake?

The Bar and Restaurant team like eating lots of food and never do any exercise. The section was on the verge of being shut down by the combined force of Jamie Oliver and Ian Wright, and so we launched a campaign against our collective inertia. The campus run was highly successful but we were sad to learn that it did not count as a healthy activity owing to the frequent cake stops. Here is what we found…

Singles Reviews

Tiny Dancers – Lions and Tigers and Lions

Despite being hampered with the name of an Elton John song, and putting the weakest song first, Tiny Dancers have produced a twee gem. Opener ‘20 to 9’ is indiepop by numbers, but by ‘Hemsworth Hallway’, they’ve evidently decided that jingle is the new jangle, and have upped the numbers of glockenspiels and bells accordingly

The Needles, Live at JJ’s Halifax College 19/10/06

Buen Chico opened URY’s second gig at JJ’s in two months. Despite losing their bassist to illness, the Leeds-based band frenziedly whipped up a surf-pop storm in the ever-so-slightly souless Halifax bar

Singles Reviews

Betty Curse – Girl With Yellow Hair

Goth, apparently, is the new black. Riding on a black-laced wave comes Betty Curse, spewing Avril-esque guitar hooks and silly couplets about a girl who doesn’t want to do what other people want her to do, and the terrible angst this state of affairs causes her

Albert Hammond Jr, Yours to Keep

“Goodnight, I say to you: goodnight” begins Albert Hammond Jr’s first solo record, sounding ever so slightly like The Sound of Music’s ‘So Long, Farewell’. It’s a slightly disingenuous beginning, because the second song, ‘In Transit’, immediately returns to more familiar territory for the Strokes’ guitarist. Although his vocals never manage to be quite as laid back or half-arsed as Julian Casablancas’, Hammond is definitely in the region of the musical map labelled ‘Strokes album tracks’