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Robbie Dale: Rule of the mob: does democracy really work?

Elections are so depressing. Most people you ask don’t bother to use their vote, the ones that do are usually caught up in some irrelevant agenda, and many voters will take to the polls with little knowledge at all of the issue they have been given the power to decide. There was clearly a case of this in France and The Netherlands recently as ‘the mob’ chose to vote against the adoption of the European Constitution. I will save the pro-Europe rant for another time however, as what I have in mind today is something far more crucial to all our lives; the prevailing insistence that democracy is something useful

Robbie Dale: Worship the domestic goddess within

OK, it’s time to own up – who can’t make their own bed yet? Ok, and who is still at a loss to understand how the washing machine works? Fine, fine… and who still can’t cook? I thought you were doing a PhD? You are?! And you still can’t cook?

It’s good to talk, but better to do

Wasn’t the morning of May 6th wonderful? Not you realise, because I was particularly interested in the fact that Labour get to act on more recommendations of independent advisers, but because there were prime photo opportunities while the gaggles of hacks tried to fish their smug smiles out of the gutters

No one cares what you think (at least not in my opinion…)

Could someone tell me quite what the point of a blog is? As far as I can see, their purpose is to fly off and roost alongside campus Tory election candidates, in a land where hard work meets with no gain. But not only that, where one starts with the full knowledge that your work will be entirely fruitless. Bizarre

The wonders of modern science

There are a lot of rubbish things in the world: The way useless shopping web-sites are taking over Google, Scottish football teams of course and that’s not to mention the horror of ITV sit-coms

They don’t write ’em like they used to

Last week I phoned my little sister. It’s not something that happens hugely often, as we tend to glean any useful information about each other through the more apparent medium of our parents – but I was feeling somewhat fraternal for a change

Somewhat lacking direction

The other day, as I munched happily on a ham sandwich my phone began to ring. It was my girlfriend. “Hello!” I said – “what are you up to..?” There then ensued a preliminary series of niceties (always the way, even with girlfriends) before she got to the point and asked me if I could look up for her, on the internet, the directions to The Coral gig in Bracknell as her and her flatmates were lost on their way there…

The power of art (or was it love?)

Last week saw what would have been the 60th birthday of Bob Marley. The occasion was marked by a concert in Addis Ababa’s Meskal Square, an event that attracted thousands of fans from around the world. The importance of this event, however, had little to do with the quality of music that Bob Marley and his band The Wailers produced in their distinguished career

The Bluetones, Luxembourg

It may be a small, quite innocuous country filling the cleavage of Belgium, France and Germany, but everyone’s heard of…