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Stop the press

When was the last time you saw yesterday’s paper being used to wrap up your haddock and chips?

Are you not satisfied?

With no money back guarantee unless you emigrate for five years, the only way to improve customer satisfaction is to bolster our grades by helping us where possible

Pistorius debate shows need for greater research

After Oscar Pistorius’ controversial defeat in the T43/44 200m, extensive research is required to determine how strict regulations on prosthetics should be

Decriminalisation needs open, frank discussion

Authoritarian approaches to recreational drug use will solve little. Education and discussion are the way forward

Collusion confusion with the QAA

Shouldn’t the University focus more on assuring that every student knows what is expected of them before pointing the finger? It seems that more needs to be done concerning ambiguity surrounding academic misconduct

Galleria provision leaves a bitter taste in James students’ mouths

Continuing their righteous fight in the name of customer satisfaction, the University has focused attention on the experiences of students in catered accommodation