Richard Smith

Deputy Food & Drink Editor (2009/10)

Richard has written 16 articles for Nouse

Cricket World Cup: a preview

Richard Smith previews the 2011 Cricket World Cup, tipping Andrew Strauss’ England for a group stage exit in the process

Paul Collingwood’s greatest hits

Richard Smith gets all weepy and remembers the highs of Paul Collingwood’s England career

The Ashes haven’t been won yet

Richard Smith, raised on a diet of English losses, dons his cynical hat to argue that Australia are by no means out of the Ashes

The Ashes. The phoney war is over: Let battle commence

With Ashes excitement reaching fever pitch Nouse begins its daily comment and analysis, starting with Richard Smith’s assessment of just who won the pre-Ashes battle of words


Let’s start with the bad news. The House of Trembling Madness, on Stonegate, is not somewhere to save the pennies. There’s no way to get round the fact that it’s £3.50 a pint across the board here, but telling you that now means the only way is up from here


“Students weren’t welcome here before,” said the cheerful landlady as she pulled my pint of Timothy Taylor’s


Despite it being the first warm day of the year, I shouldered the frankly enormous responsibility of a Nouse pub columnist and decided to get myself to a boozer


First things first, York’s Hole in the Wall has nothing to do with that ghastly Saturday night TV show, and the Petergate pub doesn’t need silver lycra to draw a crowd


Squished between the bookshops and restaurants of Fossgate, the varnished red bricks of the Blue Bell look as if they belong in a Victorian underground station – certainly not a pokey little street in North Yorkshire


I’ve had previous experimence with this establishment


The massive problem of balancing tradition and modernity has ensured that pubs have been receding as fast as Jude Law’s hairline in recent years. Nestled in amongst the corporate coffee giants though, the Hansom Cab has seemingly got the balance just right

The Rook & Gaskill Inn

Situated on Lawrence Street, The Rook & Gaskill is a drinking pub