Richard Lemmer

Richard has written 15 articles for Nouse

Tales of the taxi home

Taxi drivers across York spend night after night ferrying students, drunken, merry or otherwise, safely home. But what do these intrepid nightriders have to say about their experiences? Richard Lemmer investigates

A doll’s life: a choice or a consequence?

Will it ever be acceptable for little girls to dream of being pole dancers?  Richard Lemmer talks to the York Pole Exercise Club and Natasha Walter, author of Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism about the line between degregation and liberation

The kings behind the kebabs

These men have seen us when we are at our worst. Richard Lemmer investigates the stories behind York’s favourite takeaways

Environmental policy: 73% of Americans don’t know the facts

The USA has been gripped by three simple words that most Americans can’t explain – ‘Cap And Trade’. President Obama is trying to pass legislation that will impose caps on the quantity of carbon emissions individual companies are allowed to release, with companies releasing less than their allotted quota being allowed to sell the surplus on

Child insurgents: victims or perpetrators?

Another murder mystery from America’s favourite sandpit: a McClatchy website reports that “American soldiers opened fire and killed a 12-year old boy after a grenade hit their convoy in Mosul on Thursday”. Did the US military mistake a pre-pubescent child for insurgents, as friends of the boy believe?

The Telegraph: my favourite work of fiction

Can anyone tell me the address of Aislinn Simpson of the Daily Telegraph? For Aislinn is the winner of The Biggest Non-Story Of The Week award, a fictitious award for fictitious news stories

A case of ‘them versus us’?

At yesterday’s G20 protests, there was one group of people awaiting the action more eagerly than the anarchists

Got that sinking feeling

Far away on the World Leaders’ Luxurious Resort island, there is culture of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. The evil is climate change

Syria’s Pursuit of Unhappiness

What kind of man is the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad?

Philippine Government resumes peace talks over Mindanao

How do you feel about MILF love? On the Philippine island of Mindanao, it’s a matter of life or death. After 6 months of sporadic fighting which hasdisplaced over 500,000 people, the Philippine government is resuming talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front

The Extraordinary Virus

How do you fight the human skulls, bleeding syringes and coffins, finger pointing, sickly faces and fearful looks of HIV? How do you help someone suffering from the “extraordinary” virus? If you’re Thabo Mbeki, you make it ordinary; tell people HIV is caused by poverty, bad nourishment and general ill health, and that they shouldn’t take expensive Western medicine – no matter how life saving it has proved to be. Of course, Mbeki is accused of 330,000 “needless” deaths by a Harvard research team and a leading South African AIDS activist. Ignoring mainstream medicine isn’t going to win you any awards from the international community

Should shopping be a patriotic duty?

“Should shopping be a patriotic duty?” the BBC asks. If so, I’m going to be one of the first traitors against the wall