Rebecca Kinahan

Rebecca has written 4 articles for Nouse

Walking towards peace

Why the walk? The ‘Walk for Truce’ campaigns aims to raise awareness, and to pressurise the government to fulfil and take seriously the traditional obligations of the Olympic Games truce

Should Pakistan qualify for Western Aid?

Amidst the euphoria in the USA over the killing of Osama bin Laden, and the multitude of legal and moral questions subsequently raised, some foreboding issues are in risk of being overshadowed by celebrations in the West

The West slow to respond to Middle Eastern turmoil

The Middle East has erupted. What the West assumed was a politically dead area, has risen up and achieved the momentous. The people have spoken, loud, clearly and persistently, resulting in reforms in Tunisia, the long awaited departure of Mubarak from Egypt, and perhaps soon, the fall of Gaddafi. The West can no longer claim a monopoly over democracy

Perspectives: is Obama a Lame Duck?

Just two years ago, America happily unburdened all their problems on the knight in shining armour, who was to turn the nightmare into a fairytale. Today, the stallion has ridden away and the dust is slowly settling around America’s crumbling dreams. What went wrong?