Rebecca Cowie

Gaming Editor

Rebecca has written 6 articles for Nouse

The first esport degree arrives in the UK

Rebecca Cowie and Abdullah Hussain discuss Staffordshire University’s introduction of an esports degree

The Long Road to Accessible Gaming

Rebecca Cowie looks at accessibility in the gaming industry and Xbox’s first tangible move into the field

It’s Not All About the Games: Virtual Reality

Rebecca Cowie looks at the future of virtual reality outside of the gaming industry

Power Up: Should Virtual Drugs Help You Win?

Rebecca Cowie asks whether drugs aiding players in their success sends a pro-drug message

DLC’S in the age of the microtransaction

Rebecca Cowie investigates the problems of downloadable content and how it’s killing the gaming industry

e-Sports: Olympic Sport Or Child’s Play?

Rebecca Cowie explores the possibility of gaming events featuring in Paris 2024