Raf Sanchez

Editor (2007/08)

Raf has written 80 articles for Nouse

Brown will find a way to Labour on

By all accounts Gordon Brown is clinging to power by his chomped-down fingernails

A father’s grief

For seven agonising weeks Peter Lawrence, father of missing chef Claudia, has fought to keep his daughter’s disappearance in the news. Raf Sanchez meets him

Police search for two Asian men as hunt for Claudia enters eighth week

Police are looking for two Asian men allegedly trying to open the door of missing University chef Claudia Lawrence’s house a week before her disappearance

Roses 2009 LIVE: Friday

Live coverage of the opening day of Roses 2009

‘Find Claudia’ website launched

The father of missing University chef Claudia Lawrence has launched a new website appealing for information about her disappearance

Police appeal to Asian students to solve murder enquiry

Police have appealed to Asian students to help identify the body of a murder victim dumped in a canal

Vision needs to face facts: they don’t use any

An unattractive habit of mumbling is developing in Vision’s opinion pages

Bushby forced to abandon ‘no salary’ pledge

The presidential candidate has been forced to drop a promise to not accept a salary if elected following a ruling that the policy would be “social bribery”

Marriage of convenience for the GSA

It has by any standards been a rough year for the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA). Of three sabbatical officers elected in the summer, two resigned before even taking up their posts, leaving a beleaguered Internal Officer to run the organisation single-handedly, organise fresh elections and salvage her PhD

We must redress the balance in our charter

The YUSU Media Charter, which sets out the relationship between campus media and the Union, is a document much maligned but also much misunderstood. At its core, as with most things, is money. All campus media outlets are heavily reliant on the Union for funding

Skin Deep

Skin Deep is an operetta written by British comedy-heavyweight Arnando Iannucci (The Day Today, In the Thick of It). His target is the (arguably already over-satirised) world of Hollywood and plastic surgery

Graduate Student Association in ‘chaos’

The Acting President of the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) has admitted the organisation is in “chaos” after University officials intervened to force it to rerun its October elections, following high numbers of complaints