Rachel Ringstead

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It’s your last chance to…

After years of frequenting the library and Ziggy’s, post-degree life can seem daunting. Rachel Ringstead looks at how to get…

How to be a true flibbity-gibbit

Can’t tell a bummerskite from a jannock? Rachel Ringstead gets tongue-twisted as she goes local in an effort to translate and master the art of Yorkshire dialect.

In the wake of Eats, Shoots and Leaves and the war on bad grammar, it is hardly in vogue to encourage the use of parochial slang these days. Yet for those seeking a cultural backlash, or simply the average community-sensitive student who is eager to foster harmonious town-gown relations, it can seem not only friendly and public-spirited but also shrewd to get to grips with the regional lingo

A balancing act

Rachel Ringstead and Becky Mitchell look into the reality of celebrity health fads and ask if we really can cheat our way to good health these days

It seems that as well as becoming a fat nation, Britain is paradoxically the land of ‘well-being’ crazes. From the hype detoxing, to Atkins, the GI diet and Yoga, the media is full of popular, alternative health concepts that promise to instantly transform the way that we look and feel, in exchange for only a minimum investment of time and effort

Cooking up a storm on a Baby Belling

Stuck in a ‘pasta and sauce’ rut? For those who dropped Home Economics in year nine in favour of something a little more career friendly, the hour is nigh to flex your culinary muscles in the mad, bad world of the student kitchen. Forget ready meals, Rachel Ringstead has a few tips for the undomesticated

Being your own boss before you graduate

Rachel Ringstead and Becky Mitchell talk to York’s student entrepreneurs who share their tricks of the trade and reveal how to go it alone in the cut-throat world of business.

How to get the OC summer style

Summer. Oh how we love it. In typical British style at the first hint of blue sky the girls are out in their short skirts and strappy tops and the boys are shedding those shirts, all revealing a bit more flesh than may seem appropriate, especially when it is of the untoned variety

Save the world on a budget

In the seventies it was vogue to dance around barefoot to John Lennon and campaign to save the world – nowadays people seem to have given up and thrown their maracas away. It is common knowledge that apathy is on the rise, even among young people who traditionally embody the greatest social idealism. Indeed students form a large proportion of the forty per cent of the UK population that doesn’t even turn out to vote

The city that hides behind the Red Lights

Coldplay named a song after it, Ian McEwan set his Booker Prize winning novel there and Angelina Jolie keeled over in one of its tattoo parlours. Yes I’m talking about Amsterdam; the city where anything goes

The new etiquette of sex

Jane Austen knew good sex. To ‘pull’ back then was easy; picking up a partner merely involved having a good pair of child-bearing hips, or some pretty impressive sideburns

An expression of manliness

Picture the scene, your male flat mate returns home in a foul mood. He slams his Costcutter lamb vindaloo in the microwave for the obligatory three minutes, slumps in a chair and responds to you cheery calls of “how was labs today”, with a moan reminiscent of the mating call of a warthog. Silence ensues for the next half an hour, occasionally punctuated by the odd grunt and the click of a Carlsberg can being opened

Getting ahead in the rat race

During the heady, care-free days of university, graduation and ‘joining the real world’ can seem like the ultimate hangover to three eclectic years of hedonism. Faced with such a distant and daunting hurdle to overcome, it is easy to become fatalistic and ignore this rather pressing issue until the Spring term of your third year – when it is often all too late