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Chief Sub-Editor (2011/12)

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Memorial service held in Physics for “sorely missed” James student

A memorial service was held last Friday for Leyah Karodia, a fourth-year Physicist, who passed away in early April after an episode of illness

Funding Your Future

As another fundraising telethon campaign draws to a close, Rachel Banning-Lover talks to some of the student callers responsible for reconnecting alumni with their Alma Mater

How to land a grad job: banking (Goldman Sachs, continued)

In part two of ‘how to get a graduate job at Goldman Sachs’, Katherine Chan describes her personal experiences at the company

Students voice support for LGBT campaign

Over 250 signatures were collected in two hours for a petition supporting consultation for equal marriage for same-sex couples last Thursday

How to land a grad job: banking (Goldman Sachs)

Katherine Chan landed the job several thousand others wanted – a research position at Goldman Sachs. Here’s how

MA Shakespeare in Education, at the Shakespeare Institute

Laura Nicklin discusses why she chose an MA at the Shakespeare Institute over a PGCE at York in her quest to become an English teacher

The sinister resurgence of blacklisting

With last week’s revelation in the Observer that the police and security services supplied information for a blacklist against construction workers, funded by over 40 of Britain’s major construction firms, we may need to re-evaluate the question of whether blacklisting in Britain still occurs today

Taking a year in industry (continued)

In part two of ‘Taking a year in industry,’ Matt Taylor, a third year Electronic Engineering with Music Technology student, offers advice to students considering a year in industry

Taking a year in industry

Matt Taylor is a third year Electronic Engineering with Music Technology student, whose organised a year in industry with Philips

Philosophy Department issue incorrect marks

An administrative error by the Philosophy department led to some students receiving the wrong marks on eVision for exams sat in January

How to land a grad Job: fashion merchandising (Tesco, continued).

Stephanie Ashwood has been offered a graduate job in merchandising; here’s her take on the application process

How to land a grad job: fashion merchandising

We chat to Stephanie Ashwood, a third year Economics student, about her upcoming role as Tescos Assistant Junior Merchandiser, and how she got it