Rachael Marsh

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Floating above the ruins: art amidst chaos of war

Walking round Dahiyeh, the shattered southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital Beirut, there is a pleasant surprise for those able to look beyond the piles of rubble and tattered remains of people’s homes. Out of the trauma and chaos, children flying brightly coloured kites adorn some of the few walls that are still standing. Elsewhere, there are kites set loose and floating above the ruins. These lost kites, explains the graffiti artist Arofish who is the artist responsible for the designs, represent the children who have died in the conflict. He was invited to Beirut by residents to create art that would reflect the community’s spirit in the wake of the recent war

ID card go-ahead

Rachael Marsh reports on the coming of ID cards to the UK

Last Monday the Government secured backing from the House of Commons for its controversial Identity Cards Bill, winning the vote on key House of Lords amendments with a majority of 31. Central to the Lords’ objections was the issue of compulsory registration, which the Government has no manifesto commitment to

Wall and Piece, Banksy

Banksy is something of household name these days, which is quite impressive considering he has made a career out of creating work that will only last as long as it takes the council officials to get someone on the scene with some industrial strength cleaner. So Wall and Piece is something of a historical document. Banksy’s first full length book, it brings together a wide range of his work including many recognisable images, as well as some of his more recent creations, such as the guerrilla exhibits he made in four of New York’s most well-established galleries and his work on the West Bank barrier