Poppy Bullard

Deputy Arts Editor (2012/13)

Poppy has written 35 articles for Nouse

Poppy Bullard: Cabinet Tombola

At the Annual Conservative Fete For Hardworking Brits it’s time for organiser Mr “Hardworking Brit” Cameron to draw the tombola……

Poppy Bullard: Three Years

Three years of missed lectures, Long breakfasts, and cups of tea, Three years of awkward post Coital meetings in the…

Poppy Bullard: “Bitterness”

183.5 is a magic number; It races ahead through others’ dozes. 183.5 is the stuff of dreams, The winning score…

Poppy Bullard: Cardboard’s Apathy – a sonnet

Why must I face so much abuse from you? You, who take me from my natural form And twist my…

Poppy Bullard: Valentine’s Prey

Valentine’s Day: the chauvinist debate

Poppy Bullard: The Freelancer

He shuns the term “unemployable”; Prefers to think of himself as loyal To, rather than befits a normal graduate, Maintaining…

Poppy Bullard: The Twelve Days of Pissedmas

From Monday Week Nine until Friday Week Ten There are only twelve days til Christmas. Twelve days of hedonistic revelry,…

Poppy Bullard: Stags on a Train

Inspired by one Samuel L. Jackson

Get Your Fix

Blood and Chocolate York Theatre Royal, £12 200-strong cast lends epic scale to historical theatre. The show is succeeded by…

Poppy Bullard: Anthem 4 Doom3d Yoof

Lovingly borrowed from Wilfred Owen

How To Keep Your Knickers On

Poppy Bullard reveals the definitive “keep well away” list of York fancy-dress nightmares

Poppy Bullard: Doctor Who? Doctor Malcom Tucker..

Announced yesterday as the new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi stole the nation’s hearts playing the role of Malcom Tucker. But what would happen if Malcom Tucker was the inspiration for the latest Doctor…