Peter Campbell Peter Campbell

Deputy Politics Editor (2007-09)

Peter has written 66 articles for Nouse

Clegg: what goes up must come down

Nick Who? Three weeks ago, the question would not have been an unreasonable one

“A Generational Election”

Peter Campbell talks to Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles about the upcoming election

York Outer candidates

The candidates for York Outer recently visited the University and began campaigning for crucial student votes. Peter Campbell brings you the interviews

Political Edge

The fourth inquiry into the Iraq war started two weeks ago

Tory MP argues Britain risks becoming Orwellian nightmare

The police are “well on their way” to “alienating everyone in the country” with their actions on DNA collection, according to Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green

Political Edge

It now appears to be increasingly unlikely that Tony Blair will be the first President of Europe

York Lib Dems deny ‘buying’ members to become largest in country

York Lib Dems deny ‘buying’ members, by subsidising membership costs, to ensure they become the largest student group in the country

Blair set to become ‘more powerful than Obama’

On January 1, 2010, potentially the most powerful man in the world takes office. As the first President of the European Council, he have not only the support and authority of a group that produces 30% of the Gross World Product, but also the chance to dictate the role of office for all future inhabitants

Leeds Piano Competition ’09

The tribulations of Leeds Pianoforte Competition are Peter Campbell’s subject of choice

Dream Theater

The American progressive metal band, comprising of five members of virtuosic ability, have had an epic history

Why we need more geeks than geese

From a court martial for Edmund Blackadder to a whole host of problems for Basil Fawlty, communication problems are embedded at the root of our comedy culture

Sports funding ‘critical’ following YUSU budget cuts

Sports clubs have been told that “there just isn’t the money” to replace essential kit or help them out of unforeseen financial difficulties next year