Paul Blower

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The situation in Syria is still alarming

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has been re-elected with a landslide victory, giving him a third seven-year term in office,…

The best is yet to come for Iran, perhaps.

Hassan Rouhani has now been the president of Iran for six months, and his moderate and balanced approach is starting…

No end in sight for Syria

The increasingly brutal Syrian conflict is dividing along Sunni-Shia sectarian lines

The Student Revolution

Students are questioning the way Economics is taught and pushing for change. Paul Blower investigates

Saudi Arabia and the Security Council

Saudi Arabia has taken the unprecedented decision of turning down a seat on the United Nations Security Council, becoming the…

Calls for London to become its own state

London Mayor Boris Johnson has called for the introduction of a ‘London visa’ aimed at attracting talented workers to the…

US and Afghanistan sign security deal

A preliminary agreement has been signed between the US and Afghanistan on a bilateral security deal