Patrick Walker

Patrick has written 11 articles for Nouse

Reality TV is now the reality of the presidency

With Trump’s latest political advisor being Kim Kardashian, are we living in an Orwellian dystopia?

eSports at Roses

Patrick Walker reports on the eSports competition at Roses 2018

Social Gaming: a York FragSoc Weekend

Patrick Walker plays the night away at the latest FragSoc LAN event

Macron achieves balance in Washington DC

The first ever state visit to the US was a display of awkward conflict and utterly bizarre physical affection. Macron’s…

First Female Player in the Overwatch League?

Patrick Walker Looks at the Gender Problem in One of Competitive Gaming’s Most Popular Titles

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, explained

  Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s misuse of your data sounds sinister, but if the Senate’s questioning of Zuckerberg earlier this…

The Largest Video Game Battle in History

Patrick Walker explains how EVE Online continues to break gaming records

The dire straits of organ donation in England

England’s crisis for organ donation is in need of a permanent resolution that does not focus on an opt out system

A politicised Winter Olympics

One of the key principles of the Olympic movement is unity; how-ever, Olympic games of the past have been far…

CES 2018: An array of mind-boggling technology

Patrick Walker explores the world’s latest brilliant and bizarre tech

Why Blizzard Needs e-Sport to Succeed

Patrick Walker Explores the Importance of the Overwatch League for Blizzard