Paris Bennett Paris Bennett

Fashion Editor (2010–12)

Paris has written 50 articles for Nouse

A Splash of Summer Fashions

Have fun this Summer with these fruity, flirty fashion looks

Fashion Advice

The interesting thing about receiving advice, is what you then choose to do with it

Sports star

As the London Olympics come racing towards us, the fashion focus is strictly sporty

A nasty case of disco fever

Over the last week I could not seem to escape the 1970s

The most beautiful of ugly ducklings

Although we have all grown up to understand that fairy tales are just make believe, this evidence speaks for itself. Make a wish upon a star?

The School for Cool

The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design will soon be opening its doors to students: what is the value of a ‘fashionable’ education?

The Money Shot

Fashion photographer and ‘IT’ boy, Louie Banks, chats to Paris Bennett

About a Boy.

Nouse talks to rising star, model Caleb about stereotypes, rejection and height

Fashion taxidermy?

Fashion should push whatever boundaries it debatably has left to strain

Christmas Must Haves

Whether you’re going away for the weekend, or simply have a lot to carry, sometimes a satchel or handbag just isn’t big enough

To buy or not to buy

If you had to choose one object that represented you over your lifetime, what would it be…

One to watch

Rising star in the design world, Trine Lindegaard, caught up with Paris Bennett to discuss Butterfly collections, 90 year old men and womenswear