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Visibility of Course Reps called into question

The notability of the role of Course Reps has come to light after various students claimed they knew little about…

31 October 2017

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 31 October 2017

YUSU survey reveals “shocking” state of off-campus housing

Council passes motion to make all landlords of Houses of Multiple Occupation register or face a £30 000 fine Stories…

Loneliness does not have to be faced alone

Loneliness stems from many issues that need addressing, the first solution is to acknowledge that it affects all people

Theatre Review: Little Shop Of Horrors

There’s something strange happening down on Skid Row, complete with singing dentists and murderous plants. Oscar Bentley heads to The Drama Barn to investigate the latest production of this cult classic musical

York ranked ninth most affordable university city

The 2017 Student Living Index has found York to be the ninth most affordable university city in the UK, based…

“Bogus” internships make students pay

The University Careers department has been criticised for advertising internships where students taking part have undergone negative and substandard experiences. The…

Osborne is the petty politician we all deserve

After being fired from the government, George Osborne has made the Evening Standard relevant again by pursuing his revenge

Student criticises Library for new admin fees on lost items

The University of York Library has introduced a new administration fee on items that are deemed to be lost. From…

I rediscovered Harry Potter at age 18, and found I needed him more than ever

A year on from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s West End opening, Oscar Bentley reminisces on the place Harry Potter holds in his – and our – childhoods

Langwith, James, and Derwent ranked high as welfare and industry connections fall behind in Times Higher Education surveys

Langwith, James, and Derwent have all appeared in the top 30 student halls in the UK in a recent study detailed in an…

Review: Baby Driver

Oscar Bentley reviews one of the year’s most-hyped films, finding a problem with its style rather than substance