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Microplastics: are they as bad as we feared?

Microplastics  make  the  news  regularly  –  just  last  week  they  made headlines  when  it  was  discovered that  they  are  in …

Let Theresa May get on with it or risk no deal

The Prime Minister has one of the most unenviable tasks imaginable and sadly, she’s all we’ve got

Summer of Shakespeare: Visiting the New Rose

Oscar Bentley wills away his summer attending Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre, finding much to enjoy in the process

New colleges to impact wetland habitat

Over 1400 bedrooms in two new colleges are proposed to be built on Heslington East by 2021 The development is…

02 October 2018

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 02 October 2018

A note from the Editor … 02 October 2018

This isn’t quite your normal Editor’s Note, so please bear with me. Normally this column is used as a forum…

Societies feedback on their day at Freshers’ Fair

Responses to the Freshers’ Fair survey have revealed a varying level of satisfaction with this year’s event. All four responses…

Sabbs and Pro VC to visit Auschwitz camp

Three YUSU Sabbatical officers are set to visit Auschwitz this November as part of the Lessons from Auschwitz project. James…

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