Olivia Haughton

Deputy Features Editor (2008/09)

Olivia has written 15 articles for Nouse

Playing real good for free

Olivia Haughton wanders the streets in search of melodies and the bustle of buskers

Food for thought

Olivia Haughton unearths the sore truths of the meat industry

A match made in heaven?

Getting hitched early is a reality for many. Olivia Haughton delves into the Christian psyche and investigates the issues behind marrying when young

Afro-Saxon Soundclash

Olivia Haughton ponders the juxtaposition of vocal polyphony and dubstep

Worldwide Appreciation of Music

Olivia Haughton talks to York student Esme Anderson, head of the WAM foundation

Jazz Orchestra – Jack Lyons

Softly spoken Zezo Olimpio led the Jazz Orchestra through a versatile and varied program

Olivia Haughton

Picture the scene, the year is 1925, you’re in the rather plush lounge of your family home, let’s say, for…

Call me a reactionary but there’s something romantic (and I don’t mean the mushy kind) about taking the time to appreciate your music for an evening. In our 21st century mentality music plays a far more functional role in our lives

In Depth

It is sadly a primarily vacuous pop culture we currently live in. What place has classical music got in youth culture, or, for that matter, in main stream culture, today?

Matt Costa – California Waiting

Olivia Haughton talks influences, MySpace and skateboarding with hot new singer/songwriter Matt Costa exclusively for Nouse, and finds a talent who lives up to the hype currently surrounding him

Johnny Flynn

There’s a dynamism in the room as he deftly switches between instruments. His 24 years belie a natural wisdom and creativity far beyond his age

Battle of the Bands – Heat 3

Porcelain Flamingo opened the gig and marked the standard with their charismatic set that showcased their musical talents. They incorporated flute and funky soprano vocal solos into a comic set led by front man Mark Perkins