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Music Journalism

Elvis Costello once famously quipped, “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture – it’s a really stupid thing to want to do.”

Black music and American politics

It seems that the United States may be on the verge of electing its first black president. A slew of minor and major celebrities from the music world certainly hope so

Black Music and American Politics

From indie giants The Arcade Fire and Wilco to that archduke of narcissism, Morrissey, much of alternative rock has declared its support for Barack Obama. He has also unsurprisingly captured the hearts and minds of many in the hip hop and R&B community including such luminaries as Will Smith, Ne-Yo and Usher

Saul Williams

Artist: Saul Williams Venue: Leeds Hi-Fi Club Date: 23/05/08 Rating: * * * * * Continuing a theme from the…

Portishead – Wolverhampton Civic

Portishead have faced a greater challenge than most in their return to the world of music because the ‘trip hop’ movement that they had helped define has since met its demise

iLIKETRAins – Fibbers

Despite putting their all into this gig, iLiKETRAiNS were clearly bemused by the quietness of their Fibbers audience

Mystery Jets Play JJ’s

Firstly, I have to admit a little bias when it comes to reviewing University Radio York’s latest incarnation of its Transformer music nights, since I was involved in its organisation. Directly seeing and influencing how an event such as this takes shape is a fascinating experience

On The Up

Mice Parade If you’re a fan of ambient indie rock, Fat Cat Records has probably brought a lot of good…


The music industry has to come to terms with the idea that things will have to radically change in the future and this may even mean accepting that recorded music as a commercial product is doomed


Following a highly successful electro night last term, the Idioteque team took things up another notch by inviting several members of London-based hip-hop group Foreign Beggars to headline a hip hop/dub night

2007: The Year In Music

Radiohead changed the course of human history – Or so it was claimed in some quarters. Their novel album release method certainly started a debate but it remains to be seen whether it was anything more than a gimmick

Patrick Wolf: Empire, Shepards Bush

Location:Empire, Shepards Bush
Rating: * * * *
The relationship between Patrick Wolf’s music and his live performance is an interesting one. He has concocted a powerful stage persona