Nicole Sorlie

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New tactics are needed to mitigate the dangers of the Ouse

The time has come for action on the issue of river deaths in York, too many have lost their lives recently yet people continue to put themselves at risk. Awareness of the issue is not enough

ED aware

Last week was Eating Disorders Awareness Week. The week was, and definitely remains, an issue worth talking about. Ignoring the…

There’s nowt wrong with accents, duck

A teacher from Cumbria, working in west Berkshire, was recently told to tone down her northern accent at school. It…

The real horrors of the Hallowe’en blunder

The controversy of the “mental patient costume” is only an indication of a wider issue in our society in the way in which we passively consume media without questioning where we get our ideologies and stereotypes from

Home or away

As you move forward in life and take steps towards independence, the life you leave behind will never be the…

Are we advertising binge drinking?

Everyone will have a different experience of fresher’s week, and of university in general, but it’s fair to say that people too often use alcohol as their therapist

The forgotten victims of domestic abuse

Something more needs to be done to tackle domestic abuse in the UK

Why can’t we be happy in the skin we’re in?

The strange mix of contradiction and complement in British and Swazi attitudes to skin colour

The rise and fall of a South African hero

The ongoing case of Oscar Pistorious proves that more needs to be done to address the South African culture of gun crime

Council to review bus service

In response to continuous poor service on York’s buses, the City Council have launched a bus improvement survey. The council have proposed they take matters in their own hands and run the buses themselves if the situation doesn’t improve

Losing faith in schools

Instead of the coalition implementing a greater number of faith schools, they should focus on raising the level of teaching in all schools across the country

Nudity to be shown in Fusion once again

Fusion’s production this term is expected to be “controversial” because of its topics of homosexuality, gender, equality, as well as a nude scene being incorporated