Nicola Farthing

Deputy Science Editor (2012/13)

Nicola has written 15 articles for Nouse

A kernel of truth

Popcorn may make us immune to advertising. Unfortunately it also might reduce the effectiveness of revision

5 things we didn’t know last month

5 new discoveries this months, robot bartenders, hangover cures and great tits everything a student wants

It was only a ‘matter’ of time

Winning the Nobel Prize for physics is a pretty big deal, so imagine only finding out you’d won it when someone on the street congratulated you for it

Implanting false memories in mice

Its the stuff of horror films but it seems now that the possibility of inducing a false memory in a person may actually be on the horizon

British bee population declines

It’s bad news for the bees again. Last year, bee numbers in the UK plummeted by about a third. That’s…

Cloning produces human cells

The hope is that the technique could be advanced so that whole organs can be grown. Not only would this mean we would no longer need to rely on organ donation but, since the organs would be grown from the patient’s own cells, there would be little or no risk of the body rejecting the transplanted organ

Breakthrough in robot “skin”

This week, researchers at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta have taken a huge step forward in the creation of ‘robotic skin’ that will be able to feel

Bumbling bees due to pesticides

New research suggests two frequently used pesticides could be hampering honey bees’ ability to learn and remember

Top Five: Facts about the Sun

Nikky Farthing presents the top five things about our biggest neighbour

Potential pesticide ban causes a buzz

Every April, in the pear orchards of southern Sichuan, China, thousands of residents gather, each carrying a step ladder and a small feather duster. Surprisingly this is not actually some bizarre ritual or collective act of madness

York Mathematicians to reduce animal testing

A York-based interdisciplinary team will investigate how mathematical techniques might be used to streamline testing practices

Top 4 Invasive species

Nicola Farthing has a look at some of the most invasive species of the last century